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   Some time ago, I felt it would be appropriate to provide a single page that would link to content on the web that belonged to me.  Since then, it has slowly grown to encompass other bits and pieces of information which some people might find useful.  In a sense, this page could be considered a quick reference to some of my activities.  Some of it may be a little dated, but perhaps there's still some usefulness left for those interested.

  Most visitors are referred directly or indirectly by me.  If you happened across this site by some other means, congratulations!  Feel free to look around.

Visit my Print Gallery
Photogrphic prints that I have for sale. Order and pay securely though PayPal. I'm slowly making additions to this section.
Ray's Photospot
Basically a photo blog where I try to post some of my better shots to share.  I need to migrate this section (eventually) due to Google's Blogger service discontinuing FTP publishing.

             Just a few tidbits of content located on this site....
A collection of a few circuit designs that I have put together which some people
    might find of interest.

Paint Shop Pro 7 Tutorials
What started as informal advice to fellow rail enthusiasts has since blossomed into a
    series of tutorials.  Great for anyone who wants to learn more about this wonderful
    photo/graphic editing program.  The producer of this software, JASC, has long  since
    been swallowed up by Corel, with at least a half-dozen or so new versions released,
    the fundamentals of the lessons still generally work.Understand that some of the
    content will be slanted towards railroad photography.

Polyphonic Ring Tones
Did your phone come with a whole bunch of ring tones that suck?  Want a chopped up
    MIDI file instead of trying to make a full-blown MP3 (or other format) work out?
    Do you refuse to pay someone a premium for a stupid little ditty?  Maybe I
    have just what you're looking for...for FREE

Web Pages
Some of the web pages that I have created, maintained, or admit that I have a loose association with:
METRO Model Railroad Club, Ltd.
A model railroad club in Port Washington open to the public.

The Overland Western Lines

    A model railroad club comprised of Alumnus from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

    Ozaukee County's Amateur Radio Emergency Service Group.

Contact Ray
E-mail me

About this site
     Occasionally, I am asked the question, "What does N9PBY stand for?"   Simply put, N9PBY is the amateur radio call sign assigned to me by the Federal Communications Commision (FCC).  It is a unique combination of letters and numbers that I use to identify my radio transmissions, much like a radio or television station uses their callsign (i.e. WABC, WNBC).  

    I chose my callsign as my domain name because of its uniqueness.  It's short, and doesn't have any real variations, unlike a person's name.  While some may find it rather cryptic in nature, most of  the people who know me well recognize it  as if it were a nickname.

    If you are interested in learning more about amateur radio, please take a moment and visit the American Radio Relay League's web page for more information.


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