I have been one who has built simple electronic circuits since my childhood.  It eventually influenced my higher education and career choice.  I've decided to share some of my designs in hopes that others can find some use in them.   I am providing these  without any warranty or liability.  It is the responsibility of the builder to validate their work and ensure the suitability of the circuit for their particular application.  So, to simply put things, use these designs at your own risk.  Also, although you are free to use these designs, I kindly ask that you give credit if you reprint or redistribute them.  You are welcome to link to this page in doing so.

Frommeyer Board       
  Model railroading can be a circuit-demanding hobby.  One aspect which commonly requires electonics are switch machine controllers.  This is a circuit for that purpose.

Hydronic Loop Cycler
   Radiant heat is nice, except if it freezes up on you.  This circuit was designed for a friend to keep one of his hot water heating zones from freezing up when he used the woodstove.

800MHz EDACS Trunk System Scanner Advance        
   An older, now obsoleted circuit that I originally used to help monitor an EDACS trunked radio system prior to the introduction of EDACS capable scanners.

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©2004  Ray Meyer, N9PBY