What started as some informal tips soon became short lessons on the use of the many features and functions that PSP 7 has to offer.  Paint Shop Pro is a versatile program for photo and graphic editing.  Although I have upgraded to PSP8, watch for future lessons for PSP7 since the majority of the audience that I am writing this for use this version of the software.  If you ignore the icons shown in the tutorials, the lessons easily apply to PSP8 as well.  Note that these lessons are not arranged in any ascending order of skill level, but rather on features covered base don the requests of the original audience.
Lesson 1 - Layers
Lesson 2 - Color Correction
Lesson 3 - Brightness, Contrast, Gamma Correction and the Clarifier
Lesson 4 - Sharpening, Softening, Unsharpening

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Paint Shop Pro is produced by JASC Software, Inc.

©2003  Ray Meyer, N9PBY