Does anyone have a cell phone that just rings any more? After upgrading my handset, I was quite disappointed with the selection of ring tones that were available to me.  Of course, if I wanted to, I could choose from a rather limited selection of downloadable ring tones from my service provider's site.  Needless to say, I was insulted by the idea that they wanted me to pay $1.50 per download, and  even further miffed that each ditty would only work for 90 days.  
  I have a phone that has a polyphonic ring tone capability.   In other words, it will play a portion of a standard MIDI file for the ring tone.  There are more and more phones emerging on the market with this capability.  Many phones offered by Sprint PCS have this capability.  

  So,  I am publishing  a few of the MIDI's I have trimmed down for ring tones.  If you have a phone capable of using them, feel free to do so.  These are actual MIDI's, you can play them with your computer to preview.  Note that these will not work with all phones that permit customized ringers (i.e. Nokia format,  RTTTL, etc.).

  Also, please don't contact me with requests or technical support.  I simply do not have the ambition to assist everyone who comes across this page with setting up their phone or creating ring tones.  Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the ring tones.

Art Bell.mid         
   Georgio Moroder's "The Chase", trademark bump music for the Art Bell Show.
Axel F.mid            
   Main theme from the motion picture Beverly Hills Cop by Harold Faltermeier

Baker Street.mid    
   70's pop song by Gerry Rafferty
Bobby's Girl.mid    
   Early 60's song by Marcie Blaine

   Robert Miles

The Final Countdown.mid       

   The Imperial March from the motion picture Star Wars, the
Empire Strikes Back by
   John Williams
Just Like Heaven.mid         
   The Cure

Land of Confusion.mid       
   Theme song for the TV show MacGyver
   "Suicide is Painless" theme song for the TV series M*A*S*H

On Wisconsin.mid 
    A college favorite by William T. Purdy

Our House.mid        

    "Linus and Lucy"  theme song for Peanuts

The Sign.mid        
    Ace of Base

Smoke on the Water.mid     
   Deep Purple

Stars and Stripes Forever - Beginning
   Patriotic March by John Philip Sousa
Stars and Stripes Forever - Abridged
   Patriotic March by John Philip Sousa

Star Trek.mid       
   From the original TV series Star Trek
Star Wars.mid      
   Main theme from the motion picture Star Wars by John Williams
Summer Samba (So nice)
   Astrud Gilberto
Sweet Child O Mine.mid
   Guns n' Roses
We are Family.mid
   Sister Sledge

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